Replacing the police with community safety and mutual aid

Here is a good article about how the community stepped up to replace the police in Minneapolis when the police stopped responding quickly to 911 calls.

I have long been interested in Gandhi’s “Shanti Sena,” which was basically is vision for a nonviolent riot police force/army. One key idea is that the most important work for the Shanti Sena was when they weren’t responding directly to an emergency but instead were providing direct social services to the community.

Here’s a good book about the Shanti Sena

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I don’t see the link for the article about MPLS.

@Loupgrru It seems like Bloomberg has some kind of bot detection that is creating problems for this link.

Maybe doing the link like this will work.

If not, the URL is: [dot ] com/news/features/2020-10-30/what-slower-911-responses-meant-for-minneapolis

That worked just fine. Thanks, Thomas.