Relief from Accumulating Student Debt

Hello! I am a sophomore at a university in North Carolina. However, I was not able to enroll in this semester because of accumulating student debt. Just from this year, the cost of attendance for the university shot to 23K for in-state students as compared to the previous year. I was offered a financial aid package along with FAFSA as was last year but because of the increase overall, I was lacking more. Any help or tips?

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What is it you are asking for help or tips on?
How to get more financial aid funds? like loans? or grants?
FAFSA is a form you fill out, Free Application For Student Aid

Happy to help, just not sure what the question is.

Basically how to receive more financial aid refunds besides FAFSA.

I am not sure anyone would answer that. We are a collective organizing against student debt.
We are not here advising on how to get into debt.