Reflections on the big Debt Scam

It’s sort of funny. Reflecting on my debt of around $50,000, and the promises made by advertising programs, and the belief by my loving parents that there indeed would be an economy here that would allow me to pay back this debt… Reflecting on this all, I can see how we as a family were tricked into gambling my body and life away for a dream not worth it given these parameters.

Now that I’m graduated and have been working for awhile and increasing my potential value for earning, I am overpowered for any entry positions, which there are few of. They may come after me for my debts, but one thing is clear: there isn’t enough income to satisfy my basic requirements for life, much less the hungry fervor of my professional stalking team (private debt collectors of the same variety of pre-Christmas Story Scrooges, before they learned human values and bought Bob Cratchett a turkey).

If there isn’t enough money for me just by myself, with me struggling to get paid a basic living for work in my field beyond what I can scrape together, there’s definitely none for a predatory loan company.

I own nothing to my name other than the debts forced on me. I have no value to give.

So… going back to how this is funny. It’s not. It’s not right. Education first off can’t be this expensive if we’re considering investing in the future. Investing in the future is also not a shell game you play with your world’s children. It’s also also misleading to collectively create the illusion there’s a market for a lot of these degrees when in reality there aren’t industries available for most modern degrees. I’m not even sure what industries there really are any more other than hype scenes.

I feel like the cereal commercial with the mascot chasing those colorful sugary treats disguised as a nutritious breakfast lied to me regularly on Saturday mornings. We’re at the end of the rainbow and there’s no gold in the pot.


We deserve better than this. Those things they told us as kids, they weren’t lies, but they weren’t the truth either. We deserve to live the life they told us about.

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It is a scam - the (stockholders of collection companies) want us to default so they can tag on their huge fees - and the rehabilitation and consolidation programs are designed to double+ your original principle. My 13k loan is now 83K because I defaulted twice - I just could not afford the payment with the jobs I held the first decade after graduation. I feel like I am being punished for getting an education.