Recent wave of threatening tax-offset letters from ECMC



Recently ECMC sent out a nasty threatening letter to people saying they were going to start offsetting their taxes. They shouldn’t have sent this letter and it was a violation of federal policy for them to do this. Let’s discuss options for how we can collectively respond to this.

For starters, I’d like to identify everyone who got this letter, and then have us write some formal letters to the Department of Education’s ombudsman’s office, the Senate HELP Committee, and state attorneys general. We can include a lot of documentation, and demand that ECMC answer some basic questions. :joy:

Do other people have additional ideas for how we can collectively respond? ECMC is a notoriously ruthless debt collector. Here is a profile the New York Times did on them way back in 2014.


They should not get away with bully tactics that cause fear and confusion. AND our representatives need to stay on top of issues like this. Maybe we start a letter campaign to file complaints in each of our state?