RE: Brand New to The Student Debt Collective Introducing Myself from Florida!

Good morning everyone, my name is Joanna L. Kearns from Plantation, Florida in Broward County. I am joining the effort because I agree the Student Loan Crisis is more than a Crisis it is a Disaster, and has been for too long. I have a Master’s in Arts in Human Services with a Specialization in Marriage/Family Therapy, have exhausted myself for years trying to get a good job, and have been lied to from a well known company when getting interviewed, applied for good jobs for years, and also because I have no professional work experience in my field, and am not bilingual have never been given the respectful proper chance to have a chance at a good job. I am excited to join this movement, and if anyone is especially in the State of Florida, please email me at, and introduce yourself have a great week looking forward to connecting with you all more hopefully soon!


Thanks so much for your introduction Ms. Kearns!! It was so great speaking with you this morning and happy to have you in the movement : ) I am @'ing Glenn here who attended one of the recent new to debt collective calls, and as I remember was also joining us from Florida! Hopefully you two can connect!! @glenn.reihing

Good Afternoon, Lauren, hope you are very well. Glen never did get back to me are you absolutely sure you sent him a successful message about how to connect with me? I am still waiting to hear back from you about the other issues we discussed recordings. Best, I hope to hear from you again soon! Ms. Joanna L. Kearns