Random Administrative Forbearance approval

I am on the INCOME-DRIVEN REPAYMENT PLAN( paying two years now) but today i get an email telling me that i was approved for Administrative Forbearance, which i never applied for. Ever since i did a defense to repayment(March 2019) due to my school permanently closing (westwood) Fed-loan has been acting weird with my loan.

What the hell are they cooking up?

If you filed the Borrower Defense (DTR) application. and if you checked the box for admin forbearance. then this should be correct. You should be in admin forbearance while your application is in review.

I never checked it, I remember because of I have been still making payments, I got the email this past Friday.


I would call the hotline and ask more questions to get a clear understanding.

Will do, because I am in PAYE and now I see this. I gotta contact them.

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