PSLF limbo- application not processed yet?

2 months have passed since sending my PLSF application- should I re-apply? Mohela doesn’t have any information yet. Payments restart in September. All ideas help, thank you.

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Hello merrystitches! While I can’t speak for the opaque processes of Mohela or any of the other loan custodians, I can tell you that it took Fedloan many moons to acknowledge my PSLF application. The first message from them didn’t give any information, just told me they were dealing with my application. This was followed pretty shortly by details of their response. My understanding is that they’re all backlogged. I don’t know if you’ve tried calling them, but sometimes speaking to a live person helps. They may not have specific information, but may be able to assure you that your application has been received. I would definitely call the PSLF-specific “hotline” (which you can find on the .gov site) if the silence continues and you’re worried about it. Good luck with everything!


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Great advice, the phone call has lengthy wait times, but could be worthwhile, thank you.