PSLF ~1200 Applications Approved - 132,000 Applications Denied

Hello All,

For those who applied for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, according to Forbes as of May last year 2019, around 1200 out of 132,000 applications were approved. The rest were denied or 130,800 applications were denied.

“…Approximately 610 applications have been approved and 338 borrowers have collectively received $21.1 million in public service loan forgiveness. Cumulatively, only about 640 borrowers have received public service loan forgiveness based on approximately 132,000 processed applications. That’s less than 0.5%. …”

Read it here: 99% Of Borrowers Rejected Again For Student Loan Forgiveness

At least approve 50% to make it seem more plausible but denying 99% of the applications? This is uncalled for and a new lawsuit needs to be filed with protections that are beneficial to the students.