PSFL - Actually seems like a scam!

I can’t believe this process we have to go through!!!
I don’t really remember all my dates of employment, but I just estimated. Also, having a previous employer sign all these papers, when I’m in a different state now all together?
The most disturbing, is the form recommended I consolidate two of my loans, or it won’t qualify. So, I went ahead and did that. Then, it says, any payments made before this transfer to Moelha will not qualify!!! I think I’m doomed.
I don’t get this, they say I have to consolidate, then when I do, it states I won’t qualify. Crazy!!!


Yeah the whole thing screams desperation from the Biden administration. It was out of nowhere, just for the coming elections, just look at the guy, no one is upstairs.
He claims to be for the people, but what the heck is 20K really?
C’mon man! It’s all Malarkey.
And let me not get started on the hypocrisy of the republicans, The government is printing the US dollar into oblivion and yet debt can’t be wiped for the common citizen? But companies get government bailouts for reckless spending.
I am done, i am over it.


Yes, what’s 20K ? I owe 350K, mostly due to interest. I’ve been talked into a lot of forbearances before, on income sensitive now, they add 1,000 every month. This has been on there since 1999, it should be deleted by now. Now that it’s transferred over to Mohalia (sp), god only knows what’s going to happen.


Yes it’s absolute BS to require previous employers’ signature. The IRS and the SSA (to the best of my knowledge) should have all of that info already.

If the Biden Administration wants to put their money where their mouth is and create jobs, they would create a PSLF unit in the Dept of Education or whoever is responsible for administrating this program, that would gather this existing data from other departments instead of creating more hoops for us to jump through.

I also wasn’t clear that the “reforms” to PSLF were only temporary and expired on the 31st?? I thought they were permanently changing the program. It’s all a giant load.

Yes, the 31st. That’s when I did mine. Then, they add that I have to sign myself, not electronic signature, and mail or fax it back to them.
They’ll probably say it’s past the due date then.

The whole process with PSLF is soooo frustrating and in the end, I agree with you. I feel like I’ve been scammed as well. I’ve been incredibly confused with the question of consolidating my loans and have gotten mixed messages from FedLoan service reps before my account was transferred to Mohela who shows different tracking than FedLoan. I wrote an email to the ombudsman complaining, but who knows if that will go anywhere. It would be great if there could be a Debt Collective Meeting with people who are both confused and infuriated by the PSLF program, caught in its Catch 22 system that probably was designed to deny us any cancelation!

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I just received the letter from Moehla stating they need more information on my application. They said in section 4, they said it about 4 times, that my employer has to contact them.
I didn’t think I’d get it, but thought I’d try.
I’m retired now, but worked for non-profits, even a State office. I’m not going to contact previous employers from many years ago. Well, I don’t know what these people are talking about anyway.
I think loans that have been on the books for over 20 some years, should be “charged off”.
I plan on living another 20 years. Guess, it’ll be close to a million by then !!

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I sent my application in September 2022. In October MOHELA sent an email stating they received my application and that it would be up to 90 days before I would learn whether I qualify. I called MOHELA two weeks ago and was told my application lacked employer signatures. I said that seems odd because I sent them. They looked at my application while I was on hold and found the information. I sent in a 6 page document. The original reviewer only looked at pages 1-3. The employer documentation was on pages 4 and 5. Shocking. Now that they “found” my employer information, my application is moving on to the next step, employer verification. After that, I should receive their determination. We will see. If you haven’t heard about your application from MOHELA, give them a call.

I have been going through the same thing. It is ridiculous! Just when I thought I was getting some type of relief that come up with type of technicality that disqualifies me.

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