Problems with the new PSLF Waiver & Fedloan

As you may have seen earlier this month the White House announced a PSLF waiver. We have reason to believe that Fedloan is ignoring this new waiver. If you have Fedloan as your servicer and have tried to apply for the new PSLF and gotten a message like the one here saying your past payments don’t qualify, please tag me @Thomas_Gokey ASAP. Let’s document this. I can put you in touch with a lawyer getting a legal threat against Fedloan ready.

I’m looking for people in any state who has had this happen to them, but especially if you happen to live in @California


Hi Thomas, I do have those letters and I thank you for responding. I would like to send them for you to take a look but I did not receive an email that would not be public. Could you resend please?

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