Private Student Loans-IADT

Hey all!
I’m wondering where to start here- I have private student loans from a school called The International Academy of Design and Technology which falls under Career Education Corporation. It was recently announced that Federal Loans from this school are being forgiven, but since mine are private I do not qualify. This school is a predatory for-profit. I’m wondering where to start the debt collective process- find others from this school with private loans as well? Not sure where to begin. Thank you for your time.

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OMG, I used to teach at IADT-Detroit! I was an adjunct there in 2006-07. The CEG is sus AF, the whole time I taught there we weren’t allowed to deleted our emails because of a lawsuit between the parent company and their investors! I don’t know how to help, but I could maybe track down some of my former students in the Detroit area to see if they have had to deal with loan forgiveness etc…

I found this Facebook group: Redirecting...

And there is this old petition, you could try tracking down the person who started the petition and see if she knows anything more…

There’s also a search function in the forums and if you type in IADT at least 4 other people come up and you can try to reach out to them?

You can always look on the Dept of Education website. That’s where I found the link to apply for the forgiveness.

Id suggest searching Reddit and Facebook for support groups. You can try searching “IADT” in student loans/borrowers defense/student loan forgiveness on Reddit.