Private student loan lawsuit with Navient, any advice?

Hello Collective,

I have two civil lawsuits against me by Navient for student loans defaulted on in 2018 and discharged in 2019.

It has been a struggle finding representation, I have actually had lawyers play hot potato with my paperwork because they work with Navient in DC. Many simply don’t call back, some told me that they would help with bankruptcy but not the civil suits but they deemed me uncollectable since I don’t own property , do not work and have a child with medical needs.

I have tried to answer complaints personally since I can’t find a lawyer to do so and the end result is paperwork keeps getting returned to me, I am in over my head.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


I am copying this from another source,

For now, contact your State Attorney about the for-profit school you attended and explain why you need to seek relief. File a Complaint - Consumer Protection

Other places to submit your complaint:

Need legal advice? Contact the lawyers pro bono from The Project on Predatory Student Lending:

Want to take action and do something about it? Organize with The Debt Collective:

what state are you in? you can contact me offline if you’d like and i’ll see if i can connect you to any more resources: