Private Student Loan Borrowers - I want to hear from you!

Hey there, my name is Ryan. I’m a student debtor and a nurse with > $100,000 in federal & private student loans. Like many of you who hold private student loan debt in addition to federal loans, I’ve been forced to pay my exorbitant monthly payment throughout the pandemic, regardless of the hardships of the past few years. I’m elated that I and all of you have had our federal loan payments paused for these three years now, and I find strength and hope in communities like this one that federal loans will be forgiven, or at the very least, that repayment will continue to be deferred. However, I rarely hear in the media, in life, or online from student debtors who hold private loans, and who have been forced to continue to make payments throughout the federal pause. Especially considering those who hold private student loans are more bogged down by higher interest rates and fewer borrower protections.

If you’re interested in sharing more of your story, I’m compiling some testimony from student debtors who hold private loans and/or student debtors who are not eligible for the federal payment pause for an article I’m writing for my page Feel free to email me at if you’d like to share your story, how student debt has affected your life, what you’d like to see going forward in terms of action from the federal government, etc. Everything’s anonymous unless you specify otherwise.

Wishing you all the best. You are not a loan.


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