Private Loan//Post-Forbearance

I am at a point where I am practically chasing my own tail. I have Sallie Mae Parent Plus Loans that are at this moment totaling in $136, 297. I have exhausted my forbearance period and at the moment SM has offered me an amount of $747 dollars to pay each month, essentially to solely cover the interest rate. I have a rent of $700, which means that I’m having to pay practically two rents each month to keep the lenders from both badgering me and my co-signer on the loans (my immigrant step-father), as well as keeping a roof over me. I understand the necessity to organize around federal debt (I have that, too), but I find it odd that there isn’t as much organization or resources put into fighting Private debt. These are private companies who do not abide to any form of regulation and are able to accumulate capital through debt as much as they see fit. Even the recent Navient lawsuit, which benefitted maybe 3% of the population in private debt, rings hollow since the predatory infrastructure of private lender companies aren’t brought into question. We should attempt to isolate these companies and their predatory behavior by bringing them into the light for the general public to become aware of.

ANYWAY, does anyone know if it’s possible to take the consolidated amount Sallie Mae has given you and take it somewhere where it can be consolidated to a lower amount?