Pressuring Biden on Day One for Massive Student Debt Relief?

Hello All,

I’m sorry if I’m being redundant by starting a new post (it’s been addressed elsewhere, I realize and I may have missed important info): Obviously the best thing would be (what is the word? sorry, brain fog…) complete debt forgiveness - wiping out all student debt. I heard of a proposal for those earning less than 125k a year (and I’m less than 25k right now!) but not sure what’s going to transpire. I’m not quite ready to do the strike yet… but I may be soon.

How can we push Biden? (if we can) I’m thinking massive mobilization, but it has to be something he can’t ignore. I’m willing to go out with a sign and scream, but hopeful nothing that will land me in jail… (not that I care about reputation or job prospects so much, I just have jail-phobia).

Every alleged proposal I’ve heard so far has been tepid and far short of what is needed to help those in massive debt. My debt certainly qualifies, but I know some have it much much worse. Anyway, what can we do?

For me personally, I’d be OK with the ability to discharge it all in bankruptcy. Less than ideal, but better than having no options at all, which is the case right now. (well, other than defaulting/debt strike, etc - the last resort, for various reasons that are probably the same as everyone else’s --those who aren’t already on debt strike, that is).

Is it going to take a debt strike by millions of us around the country? If that’s what it will take, how can we make that happen? I am willing to help! whatever it is (I’ll even consider jail but that’s just… not a fun thought. at all. And I suppose that is one huge advantage of debt striking–they can’t throw you in jail…right? or can they…)

Any ideas or updates are very welcome. Thank you!


(kidding - it was a play on Q-Anon. I don’t quite have Q’s reach yet.)


The problem is that you CAN already discharge it in bankruptcy but they make it almost impossible to do so. So they will just say that is already available. So what it’s really needed is a cancelation deal. Then after that make college free for all. ( 2 or 4 year degree and only state colleges not ivy league.

Hi - yes, I know, the stupid Brunner test from 1982; it’s almost impossible to overcome that hurdle. Yes, debt cancelation is absolutely necessary. On Day 1, I hope. Or Day 2, but ASAP.

A group of friends and I are planning to target Biden starting January 1, 2021 on social media and by calling Harris’ offices. If anyone wants to join in on our plan, let me know!

Yes, please let me know, my name is Laurel at Thanks Union Buddy!