Predatory collection of credit card bill

Shew! It’s been a while since I’ve been in. I dealt with some private student loans successfully a couple years ago and got TPD on federal loans.
Now I’m dealing with a predatory collection agency taking me to court over a credit card bill from late 2021. I had to stop paying on it when my husband passed in Otober, 2021 leaving me with only my own SSDI and a widow benefit on his record. This bunch knows they cannot garnish Social Security as I told them and can prove it, yet they have decided to sue thinking they can scare me into paying. I pay rent and other bills, get 0 help paying anything and 0 help to buy food, gas for my car, or anything else. What I have left after bills has to stretch all month.
I’m over this crap!


Is the credit card in just your husband’s name? Or is it in yours (or both of yours)? Call your local Area Agency on Aging and see if they can offer you any advice. Else maybe you can find a pro bono lawyer.

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My mom has found success with the nonprofit Helps ( If you’re judgement proof they can’t do anything to you. One thing that Helps has told my mom (who is 91) is that debt collection for credit cards is a bargain basement, volume business and they often don’t know who they’re suing. But if they win a judgement they can’t collect on it. They’re just wasting their time. So sorry this is happening to you. These people go after the most vulnerable among us. They may not even be able to prove you owe anything. They often loose the paperwork particularly if its Portfolio, Midland or another debt buying company.