POTUS to suspend interest and payment on student loans

There are a lot of things in flux right now. Some other legislation that might cancel some, but not all, student debt.

For the time being it looks like they have given everyone the option of requesting an administrative forbearance, but you have to request it and it might be hard to get through to your servicer right now. They have also promised to suspend interest. It looks like that will be retroactively applied to our accounts at some point in the future.

What does that mean for us? It means that for the time being it is safe for EVERYONE to join the debt strike. Let’s recruit as many people as we can. If we use this moment to get organized, we can get so many people that when this temporary period ends, we can let them know that NONE of us will ever make another payment again until all of our debts are canceled.

Spread the word: strike.debtcollective.org

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I agree 100% with @Thomas_Gokey!

@Hector_A_Padilla what do you think of this two month window to not pay loans? do you think we can use it to push for broader debt cancellation?

it does kind of show the world that they don’t really need to collect on this debt, it’s just a way to keep our money flowing to the wealthy and powerful…

Indeed we can. I followed a link -I think from this website- that allowed me to send letters to Governor.
Key information I am missing is pamphlets from ITT Tech in Florida. I have everything else. I should have forwarded all the email the admissions office sent me to the .edu account they gave me.