Pennsylvania Attorney General Action


This action is for everyone who attended a for-profit school who currently lives in PA (so even if you used to live somewhere else or the for-profit school was located somewhere else, if you now live in PA this is for you).

As you probably already know, the Department of Education has been letting individual defense to repayment (DTR) applications sit on a shelf and gather dust. Many people have been waiting years for a decision on their individual application. The Department of Education’s strategy here seems to be to wait it out. They want to ignore these DTRs long enough for them to have time to rewrite the rules. Once they have rewritten the rules, they will be able to deny many more people the debt relief they deserve. At the moment we have no mechanism to force the Department of Education to actually process and make a decision on an individual DTR.

BUT, the good news is that there is another option here. The Attorney General can file a group discharge application which would cover all students who attended for-profits like Corinthian, ITT Tech, AI and other schools. Unlike an individual DTR, we do have a way to force them to respond to these group wide DTRs. Two other states have already done this, MA and IL. In a recent court case the judge ruled that the Department of Education cannot ignore these group DTRs in the same way that they are ignoring individual DTRs.

So what we want to do is organize everyone in PA who has attended one of these schools to email the Attorney General’s office and tell them to file a group wide DTR.
We’ve created a template of for you to follow here:

We have been talking with staffers in the MA AG office to help learn what is effective. They told us that it only takes a few dozen people to contact them about the same issue for it to get their attention. So let’s make a goal of getting 30 emails from people in PA to get their attention. After that we can organize a group phone call or even in-person visits to their office to follow up and help them with the process of filing one of these group DTRs.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below. And if you know of anyone else in PA who attended a for-profit school, like former classmates, friends or relatives, please recruit them to help with this action!

National Attorney General Action

Hi All,

I live in PA and am interested in connecting with anyone else that wants to work on this.




I live in Michigan, but attended AI Pittsburgh online. I’m confused as to whether I should file a complaint with AG in PA, or where I live in Michigan? Can someone clarify?

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Hi @KWeihl did you get this answered.

I believe you should file in the state you live now.


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Yeah, I’ve talk to KWeihl in the groups as well, she sent her’s in MI I believe.

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This is the Response to an ITT student in our group

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I would call and ask the office that directly. See, these are barriers we need to call out and challenge. IMHO.
It is like using tech to field the responsibility and shuffle people around.

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Ohh. I get it… Like a call center sending you from one department to another… Frankly, I’m getting rather tired of these asshats treating students like garbage. These people have already been through enough. They are being grinded through the the gears of bureaucratic bile after they’ve already been smushed into paste by the ED and their school…

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They want us to get tired Robbie. That is how they continue to win. We have to toss out tired and say, we will not stop fighting until the culture changes. We deserve to be treated better…even as debtors. It is a strategy and technique they use to create delays. So we stop calling, filing, pressuring, demanding…etc.

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