Peaks loans Dismissed, but can’t cancel autopay

Advice please. I’m an ITT Tech grad from 2011. I haven’t received the USPS mail yet from Peaks. However, last night I got an email from Peaks saying they will doing their auto draft from my bank account
October 2. I can’t disable it on their site because it says you need to call. When I call it says my account number is invalid when the automatic system asks for it (even though I’m
typing in what’s listed on the site as my account number).
Then it says they are closed and it mentions their business hours. I am calling during business hours. What can I do?
Should I call my bank to stop payments to Peaks? Will it affect my credit score if I do considering I didn’t even receive the USPS mail many have gotten from Peaks? My job does occasional credit checks, so I don’t want to risk it. But I also am struggling financially and it seems safe to say Peaks won’t pursue these loans and I should be able to go through my bank to stop payments?

Update: Update, I called the ‭(888) 556-9591‬ number i saw listed on an official Peaks email in the past and their site, instead of the ‭1 (866) 747-0273‬ number that is listed also, finally got a hold of a person. They first tried to get me to sign up on a site and to complete the applications for loan forgiveness. I wasn’t comfortable with that, especially that funding circle site that appears to be just another shady loan application site, so I told him to cancel my autopay instead and he did so. I tried to get him to send a confirmation email, but he said he couldn’t. I think I still might call my bank.

I would make damn sure you’ve got that loan forgiveness confirmed with a letter in hand because they will take you for a RIDE, my friend, if not.

I finally got my letter in the mail today. Now that I have autopay disabled, I will hold out for about 3 weeks (since missed payments get reported to the credit agency after 30 days). They seem to still be “processing” the loan dismissals based on the calls I and others have made.