Payments resumed, now what?

Looking for updated information on the effort to cancel student debt. With federal payments back on after the pause, what’s our strategy? Are we striking?

Yes, absolutely.

I personally am striking. I can’t afford to pay and the SAVE plan is a joke. I don’t know if there’s a “formal” way to strike lol? I just haven’t been making payments.

I’m wondering the same. I haven’t heard anything about striking since the Debt Collective poll a few months back regarding payments resuming.

I’m starting to get a bit nervous with the frequent payment reminder emails from my loan provider and no follow- up on the strike from Debt Collective. Feeling kinda lonely here.

Can anyone help me understand the personal financial, credit, and other impacts of striking? Also, any info on ongoing strategy in this arena? how many others are not paying back their student loans as part of the strike?

I am striking by not paying these financial greed mongers a nickel more. We earned our degrees, and we pay for them as if we had simply bought them.

I am not sure of the consequences, and I think a session on this matter by the Debt Collective is overdue.


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I’m striking. With the 12-month on ramp until October 2024, if you don’t pay you will accrue interest, but late payments will not be reported to credit bureaus. I’m using the 12-month on ramp to strike and to continue trying to get forgiveness through IDR and PSLF. The on ramp is helpful to me because I’m still trying to get my payment count issues sorted out with the Dept of Ed and MOHELA, but even without the on ramp I had already decided to strike because I’ve paid more than I originally owed when I graduated in 1994 and I’m just not going to pay anymore. Not another dime.

I’m wondering the same thing. I came here looking for solidarity because I’m so angry these days. Every time I get a notification that repayment is starting, my blood boils a little. They are refusing to add 5 months of public service to my PSLF total because my account was in adminstrative forbearance. But I never requested forbearance, they put my account on forbearance while they were processing my TEACH grant. The guy I spoke with sounded like an insect/robot. He kept repeating the same thing and was really quiet. No humanity or compassion. I’m feeling dumb because I did sign up for SAVE and gave my checking account details, but now I want to strike. Maybe I will remove the details somehow. Someone here wrote late payments won’t be reported for 12 months - is that true? My husband didn’t pay a $600 payment he was supposedly on the hook for because they hadn’t processed his SAVE application yet. They kept sending threatening sounding emails like “We will take action with a credit bureau if you don’t make your payment.”