Parent and Child Debt

Hello! I am Jenny from Arkansas. I was a young mom while my husband when to college and graduated with over $60,000 in student debt. For years after we graduated with a young family we deferred our student loans because we couldn’t afford to repay. I also didn’t go to college as to not to add to our debt. So now that we have 3 young adults that will be starting college, our funds that could go to help them with the cost of student loans are still going to pay my husband’s student loans and I went to school in my 40’s once I am finished I will have close to 40,000. So after we both have our loans paid, then we can help our children, but those children will have years of debt repayment before we can help them pay. It is broken. Yes, we had children when we were younger (early to mid 20’s) but should we have never gone to college? The cost of college is out of control and should be addressed. Education should be free for a successful and happy nation.

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