Overseas because I can't pay

I’m using an alias because I don’t want my student loans to find me…
and the phone number system on this website doesn’t allow for international phone numbers maybe they ought to fix that…

I live overseas I’m over a hundred thousand in debt and I’m nearly 50 years old… I’m going to die with my student debt probably.

I’m married to a national in the place that I live… And we don’t have any intention of moving back to the US for a number of reasons mainly because of no Universal Health Care and for my personal reason of student loan debt…

besides if we wanted to move back to my home country in the US we would have to figure out how to get my student loan debt under control before we could even apply for citizenship or a marriage visa for him… and the sad reality is my parents are 77 and 78 years old and I don’t know that we’re ever going to be able to get my student loan debt under control so that I can go back and take care of my family and that royally sucks. I miss my dad like you would not believe but my student loan debt really keeps me from coming back to the States…I’m defaulted, I’m 50 years old, I’m married to a national who probably won’t be able to get a marriage visa or even citizenship because of my student loan debt, and my parents are in their late 70s and I really need to come home and take care of them but how can I do that when I’m buried in student loan debt?..

There’s no way for me to do it so I stand with everybody else who wants to strike the student loan debt and haven’t forgiven I hope against hope that Bernie Sanders will be our next president so that our student loan debt can be forgiven so that I can come home and be the good daughter I need to be and The Good wife I want to be.

The only way that my student loan that is going to get paid off is if a miracle happens and somebody buys out my debt or it gets forgiven…



I am so sorry @Raven_Coffee that you are in this situation. The United States prides itself on being “the land of opportunity” but for many of us literally everywhere else in the world has more opportunities.

We are fighting to win freedom for all of us. If you haven’t already joined the strike, please do so here: strike.debtcollective.org

Whether Bernie wins or not, we know it will take a movement to make this a reality.

I hope that you can find a way to provide the love and care to your parents that you want to give them. It is such a deeply human desire, and such a damning indictment of our dehumanizing and broken systems.

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Hello RC! I am very sorry about your situation. I have thought of such drastic steps. It isn’t realistic for me, at this point, but I can see it becoming a necessity in the future–because the future in the U.S. does not look bright. Whenever I start thinking there’s a light at the end of this debt tunnel, it goes dim and fades completely (case in point: The U.S. establishment’s effective blocking of Bernie Sanders. They are well-off enough to not care if Trump or Biden wins, but Sanders is an existential threat to their own power.)

Please take care,


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