Organizing to Win College for All in California's 9th District

This action is for everyone who lives in CA’s 9th district. We want to put pressure on members of Congress to cancel student debt and make college free.

(Not sure which district you live in? Look it up here.)

Great news! Jerry McNerney (D) is one of the co-sponsors of H.R. 3473, the College for All Act of 2019 (which would make all public colleges free). It isn’t just important to put pressure on members of congress to support real solutions, it is also important to thank them when they do the right thing. Please thank Rep. McNerney for supporting free public colleges and universities.

Rep. McNerney has not yet taken a position on H.R. 3448, the Student Debt Cancellation Act of 2019, which would cancel all student debt). Can we force him to co-sponsor or otherwise support this bill?

Here is information about the impact of student debt on the district. Uploading: StudentDebt_CA09.pdf…

For additional resources on how to put pressure on your representatives, go here.
Share your progress and your ideas for convincing this rep to support a debt jubilee on this thread.