Organizing student debtors and adjuncts


What can we do to get college adjuncts and student debtors together?


Hello. Good question. I’d say the first thing to do is get more people in this situation on this platform so we can brainstorm some ideas together. We have a series of debt dispute tools that folks can use to dispute debts in collections right now. That is one thing we can offer immediately while working on winning a student debt jubilee and free public college. Both those policies would help adjuncts :smile:


That’s a great idea! I am an adjunct and open to coordinating and helping as needed. I think it is a matter of opening the opportunity and get people aware of what is going on. Adjuncts are struggling through this whole thing too. It’s not a good outlook for many of us working multiple jobs on low pay. I agree with Ann - these policies would absolutely help adjuncts and students alike.


Hi Ann,

I’ll be attending the city council meeting tomorrow morning in my state. Do you have any experience with this? What kinds of questions should I be asking?