Not sure where this should go...Kaplan

When I went to college,I unfortunately chose Kaplan.
A for profit "university ".
They changed names ( more than once) and Now fall under Purdue Universitys umbrella.
That would make them now a public institution.
(Please refrain from political snipes)
I have 70k in student loan debt.

Biden’s plan.
Embraces canceling $10,000 of student debt for millions suffering during this pandemic. It would also forgive all undergraduate tuition-related federal student debt from public colleges and private Historically Black Colleges and Universities for people earning up to $125,000.
How would that play out for some one like me ?


I also went to Kaplan. I have over $114,000 in tuition and interest. Kaplan University seriously mislead people and engaged in terrible practices. I hope that together we can fight them and receive justice. My borrowers defense was denied and I have asked for reconsideration. I doubt they even read anything we send in.