North Texas Debtors

Hi, I’m Nathan,
I’m in Dallas Texas and I think the system of indebtedness is far out of hand. I hope this org will help people come together, learn about what is happening and know they are not alone. Like many I have consequential student debt, my wife went back to school so it’s back to square one. Haven’t been able to even start paying hers yet. I move my credit card debt from card to card with balance transfer offers and have been “lucky” enough to remain employed this year. My wife had started a biz which had to shut down for covid but they’ve managed to let us scrape by with the relief bills…

I look for unions I can join through my profession but have not found any. I am certain that the path toward a more just distribution of wealth requires organized masses of working people demanding a fair share. I hope this union can be a force to be reckoned with.
If anyone else in Texas is here, especially NTX, we should get a chapter going. Thanks

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