No help coming my way

i posted on june 17 about my issue. now, i find out that if i get disability, they can garnish it. i can’t file my taxes, because they will take my refunds. i also found out that the person i was told by the school was my cosigner isn’t-i don’t have any cosigner, to our shock. no one even looked at my post. i don’t have money for a lawyer, and the dept of education is useless. not getting any help here, either.

Hi @QueenFanNJ I’m not able to tell what is going on with your situation based on your brief description here.

Not having a cosigner is a good thing, not a bad thing. Having a cosigner means that if you can’t pay your debt it hurts someone else too. Without a cosigner, the situation is much better.

Have you received a notification that your taxes will be offset? Not filing your taxes doesn’t help but it would create additional problems.

What kind of debt is this for? Is the loan in default? Are you getting notifications from a debt collector?


my federal loans and private loans were defaulted. i have not worked in a year, and am waiting for my disability hearing. have not filed taxes in 4 years. school defrauded me. dept of education said they could do nothing. school went bankrupt, so no one could sue. our family is poor as it is… can’t have my checks being taken. need to be rid of these loans permanently. as far as the cosigner, i am referring to the fact that my mother was told at the school that she would be my cosigner… so far, documents prove that they lied. she is not my cosigner. we were both on disability at the time, and no credit to speak of. how they even got these loans looks shady.