New York City Chapter Thread

Hey, just looking to start a thread connecting with local members and organizers in NYC.

I saw some contact information for a chapter organizer in the chapter contact list, and I’ve found this NYC Debt Collective IG page. I have a few folks ready to pay dues, and am working with a mutual aid group that can make a post about DC.

Hey Preston, Welcome! Sounds like you’re doing great work already. A few us of in NYC are starting a Debt Collective chapter in the city. We have had a couple of meetings and have a google email chain going, if you drop Winona (@wleah) on an email, she can add you to the google chain and someone will reach out to you. Look forward to meeting you!

Thanks Marini!
@Preston_B - we look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Winona and Marini. I moved back to the City long-term this past April and am finally in a place where I’d love to get to know how to get involved in local organizing with the Debt collective. Evidently, in quite a lot of debt. Graduated from the American Studies department at Brown a year ago, where I researched Federici’s Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa, and generally interested in student organizing and free public education. Sent you an email at that address, but wanted to come here and make a note too.


Hi Wen,

Great to hear from you! Delighted you’re keen to be involved. Hopefully you should hear back from the email that you sent to the NYC email address. Look forward to meeting you soon.