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I’m new to this site. I fit into every category but regarding student debt. I was wondering if anyone on here has dealt with National University? Do you know if this is a For-Profit college? They have this document they make you sign when you enroll and it basically says you can’t sue them that you agree to go through arbitration. I never signed it so now they are forcing me to sign it or they will kick me out. Any thoughts?
Also I see a ton of initial posts but no dialogue or responses so I don’t see how this would be a beneficial platform if no communication or exchange of information is occurring. I hope that’s not the case…


Google research indicates that, it is a non-profit institution.
Just follow your gut instinct, don’t sign anything you don’t feel comfortable going along with.

People also ask
Is National University for profit?
National University has an enrollment size that represents the second-largest private, non-profit institution of higher education in California. The average age of a NU student age is 32 and roughly 23,000 full-time undergraduate and graduate students are currently enrolled.

National University (California) - Wikipedia

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Hi @Trider,

Welcome! I’m not familiar with National University, but if this is the university you are talking about, it appears to be a private non-profit.

Mandatory binding arbitration agreements are sadly becoming more common in many aspects of our lives. I am not a lawyer, and I cannot give you legal advice. I do know that there were some regulations passed in 2016 that forbid for-profit universities from using arbitration clauses in their enrollment paperwork. I am unsure whether it applies to a private non-profit school or if we are dealing with something different here.

If you would like to post a photo of the paperwork here I’d be happy to help you take a look at it. Again, not a lawyer, but we can puzzle over it and maybe send it to an expert of we need to. If you would prefer to email it to me that works too. My email is

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Hi Trider, I got my Masters in Creative Writing from National University and loved every minute of it. I was looking to do my masters and it happened that a woman contacted me. She represented me - a recruiter I guess is what she was. Of course I had to go into debt over it but I believe it’s paid off, unlike my daughters $300k from Ai. I have had nothing but good experiences from NU. I enjoyed my online courses (all except one) and have nothing bad to say about them. That’s a lot since I have nothing good to say about ANY Arts Institute, or student debt at all. I saw NU once when I was in California, just passed by. But I’m in NY. I never tried to sue them but I do remember that clause - I think it’s a standard clause - seems to me they all say that. [my thoughts anyway]. Good luck! --Kit