New Technology Initiative For Defrauded Students

I am looking to get in touch with web developers and lawyers that are involved in this or similar fraudulent student loan debt projects. I am a developer with roughly 25 years of software development experience, and I have ideas to help improve the fight against fraudulent student loan debt.

Currently, every last one of us students are walking around doing our own thing trying to fight off bad debt… either by filing a dtr, writing a politician or two, maybe even talking to the press but then that’s it. Everything and everyone is fragmented in our efforts while the government remains a highly organized, highly efficient machine, and it is my firm belief that this is a large part of the problem we face today. We have no voice because it is fragmented, and therefore, we have no power behind what we say or do. Our efforts are not concentrated.

Whatever is being done to educate people on how to fight bad student loans is not being done correctly, because after all these years, people are still asking the same questions.

Information is disconnected and inconsistent. Websites like this do help, but it’s a lot of reading and going through topics and posts and replies to fish for information, and Information which tends to vary by state can be even more difficult to access and confirm the information’s legitimacy. Therefore, issues like this need to be resolved in order to gain any kind of momentum on our side to fight Betsy DeVoss and friends.

Other questions arise, like… does anyone even know what’s happening on the legal side? Apart from reading news articles and then asking random people what it means no one really knows.

Where is defense hurting that students could help improve? Do lawyers know who to contact the type of people they are looking for without using expensive advertisements? If you need to get a message out to everyone at a certain college and/or in a specific state, or just a blanketed message, there is no way to do it because all the information has been scattered everywhere, if any even exists.

I have ideas on how to solve all of these issues, I’ve already sorta started… but it will need coordination between everyone, so I am trying to get in touch with the lawyers who are fighting on our side, the web developers of websites like this one, and the people who have the necessary information we need to help our fight.

Let me know…


Sheesh, man, I see that you posted this last January with no response. That fact perfectly illustrates exactly what you are saying. (!) I am currently trying to contact an attorney who knows about consumer protection, civil rights and the student loan system. I’ve interviewed around 8 lawyers now, and all of them have said they don’t have the expertise to help. I do think The Debt Collective could put more weight behind an ask from an attorney than I could, but I was willing to pay what their services cost- not asking for pro bono. There should be a deep bench of attorneys here to help borrowers. There are legal strategies that could help many of us get to a better place with this. (mine has to do with a violation of the ECOA by a particular kind of FFEL- which could help many many people if we could only get some legal help!-- those loans could be canceled due to this violation, which is the goal of this org, isn’t it?)

To your point about contacting people- very much agree. I’m an amateur web developer who is very very out of practice, but would be happy to help if I could. Let’s try to get others gathered.