New Member--some questions!

Hi everyone! My name’s Dorrian. I’m a musician, a bar back, a delivery driver, a chef, a kombucha brewer, and a communist. I live in Sacramento, California, and I joined because I was complaining about my debt & my sister recommended the union to me!

I’m excited to get more involved with organizing efforts moving forward, & building links between the debt-cancellation movement & the fight for Medicare for All, nationwide rent control, passing the PRO act, etc. But for now I’d like to start with some questions about my debt situation:

I have just over $3,000 left on a private student loan (Sallie Mae), and I guess what I’m wondering is…what would happen if I just, didn’t pay it? Hahaha.
I’ve ignored medical bills before, with no affect on my credit or anything, but I guess I don’t know if private student debt is handled differently!

Thanks in advance for any insight y’all have.