New Member - Colorado based, Student

Hello, all!
I’m a new member to the union. I’ve known about the debt collective for a little while, although I only learned about the union today.
I’m a student, currently Colorado-based, looking to help eliminate debt for everyone. I have student loans, and my parents’ car loans.
I’d like to create a more active debt-abolition community where I live through education and community outreach.
Please reach out if you have any tips for a new group, or if you live in Colorado and would be interested in creating a community!

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Welcome ReedGB, join us at the Bay Area Debtor’s Union meeting from anywhere in the country. We’ve got a small regular crew showing up at 6 on Wednesday’s and it’s good company. You could come for a few meetings see if there’s anything there that could help to create your local chapter or perhaps just stay on with our group until we bring the student loan scam to it’s knees and we can all go do something other than this. Biden continues to play hard to get on the cancelation and we don’t have to wait for the 100 days to end in order to get an answer to the question “now what?”. TDC has some of the best outreach material I’ve seen so going to the Jubilee meetings and getting comfortable with the “promotional material” really helps normalize a very stigmatized conversation. Pushing back against the status quo is always hard but this debt conversation has tremendous weight for most people whether they are debtors or not. I’ve noticed it’s hard to get people involved even if they are losing their shirt to student loan debt. I really admire TDC youtube library that offers videos on demand and provides hard facts. The narratives are so great. Some people come at the conversation as individual debtors, as students, as parents and grandparents and some purely from a standpoint of economic justice and reparations. TDC offers a lot of perspectives. The Bay Area chapter meeting hosts concerned educators that are advocating for an overhaul of the education system which includes but not limited to debt abolition. They do it because they are on the inside and they see how the dirty business of the student loan industry hurts not just students but families. The US government has no clothes and behaving no different from any capitalist enterprise in it’s hot pursuit of exploitable circumstances. That really bothers some of us. For a great number of us there’s nothing we can really do with our debt but strike and that’s nothing new. TDC forum really helps to occupy me while in debt purgatory. A lot of us are recovering from debt alienation and shame, debilitating anxiety and grief from years in the trenches of capitalism so healing is the main agenda. For others its a policy or academic issues. Personal or political TDC has a lot of ways to plug in and get connected. Hope to see you Wednesday.

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