New collections letter

I just got a new attempt at collection on Sallie Mae private loans from EOS CCA in today’s mail. I am sending it back with a cease and desist letter as I am fully and permanently disabled on SSDI. It is uncollectible, but I know they’ll try. Is there anything I should include in the letter to help my case? I explained that I know my rights and have only ssdi. My hubby is fully retired so social security is our only income. I know it cannot be garnished by private creditors.

I am not a lawyer but found this link online.

Private Student Loan

DO Your research on this. … is VIP and ask free Legal Aide or Pro Bono services in your community. Plus contact Social Security for legal help as well.
Keep doing the hard work!

Carl M.

Research, research or ask Local Librarian to help search topics by phone or in person. They can search Law and Internet resources for free on ANY topic. Even get the material available on the subject for someone to pick-up. Just ask.

Collection Methods Used by Private Student Loan Lenders

Ok, I am not terribly concerned. All they can do is try to take me to court. Since my husband and I both get social security only, it cannot be garnished. My federal lons have been totally discharged, so they’re gone. This is a collection placee, not Sallie Mae any more, they’ve been told we’re on social security. If they sue, they won’t get anything.
I’ve dealt with credit card debt before after my hubby was medically retired. I know how to handle court, so I’m not worried. Legal aid told me to handle this the same way and they can’t do anything else.
Thanks guys!!