Nelnet Loan Servicer

Hi everyone,

I just received notice MyFedLoan is transferring to Nelnet. Does anyone have any experience with them? What should I download from MyFedLoan before it transfers? Relatedly, I’ve been unable to make payments (which would count towards my eventual PSLF) because it’s being transferred. Ugh.

I don’t know how anyone figures this system out without it being their full-time job. I work on climate related issues all day, and I open these sites and want to toss my computer out of the window.

Thanks for any assistance.

I believe you are supposed to be receiving credit for the months during the payment pause towards your PSLF payments.

Anyone else can confirm this? if so that’s awesome.

Nevermind. Confirmed. Great. Keep them paused for 20 years. Lol.

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