Navient loses in court

Navient loses settlement

Navient has my loans and has been harassing me to pay the last few months, EVEN though President Biden has put a pause on payments.

How can we collect on this?
I want my loans cancelled out.

Hello? How is no one else talking about this?

Hi @meatleg,

If you have Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL or FFELP loans), these are not included by the payment pause. You will need to consolidate these loans to federal direct loans in order to have the covered by the pause. More info about that here:

Alternatively, these could be private student loans. All private loans are not covered by the federal payment pause. But the Navient settlement impacts a lot of private student loans. Right now I am not sure how to tell who is and is not impacted by the Navient settlement.

Also it is illegal for Navient to harass you. They are not allowed to call you 15 times a day. That’s what they did to us. Call the Harvard Project, they can recommend a lawyer to advise you. My daughter did this. She lives in California and they gave her a lawyer in Cali who helps her pro-bono. Here is one site I found:, here’s another: Project on Predatory Student Lending commemorates five years fighting the for-profit college industry - Harvard Law Today. Good luck!

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