National Media Strategy for Burning Student Debt

Hi everybody. I attended a meeting a few weeks ago but the conclusion was that if you’re not near DC there will be no actions. I was wondering if anybody wanted to work with me on a coordinated media strategy. THe idea would be to take an action (maybe burning student debt) - kind of like the ice bucket challenge but less dumb - and release the videos on the same day. If anybody would be interested in working on this or has any similar ideas, let me know. This would be to break through the noise of the news cycle.

Please post your email if youre interested in this idea.

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Would love to d something, but I can’t burn because of all the wildfires in my state. I want to cause a scene not a national incident! Let me know how I can help.

I’m open to any suggestions! I’m in Florida.

Sure - I’d be happy to.