My payments are jumpingfrom $60 to $350 I can't afford that

I have been paying on my loans for 22 years and I was under the impression that I was accepted into a loan forgiveness program where $43,000 would be forgiven and I would need to pay on the remaining $10,000. My payment was $60 per month the first year in the program (2 years ago) and last year it was $0 because I was unemployed at the time of my renewal. This year after I renewed, they raised my payment to $350 because they used my husband’s income even though they had never done that before. We file our taxes separately and we do not have any joint bank accounts. We have only been married 6 years, but I pay my own bills and he takes care of his. I can’t afford $350 a month and my husband can’t either. He shouldn’t have to deal with my dept from 22 years ago. What can I do? I am afraid of garnishment.

Hi Nancy,

I am here with you and feel your pain. I have been paying my own student loans for almost 20 years, and I still owe over $180,000! So, imagine my frustration and rage… Going to your own problem, let me ask you something: In what state do you live? Also, just to give you a bit of my background, I am an attorney. Just not the type that makes hundreds of thousands per year, unfortunately. Normally, you are right. Your husband should not be made to assume your debt UNLESS it was taken on during your marriage, or if he is your guarantor. I ask about the state because you should look into the law in your particular state about personal debts and marriage. There may be a particular legislation that your lender is using to get you that I am unaware of. Also, have you tried applying for the student loan debt cancellation program that the Dept of Education has available? It will be gone forever by the end of June (or July?) not sure exactly, but do look into it and fill out the application. You have nothing to lose. Good luck!

I live in WA state, which is community property. However, we keep our finances separate. We have no joint accounts. We file our taxes separately. We have been married for 6 years and they have never used his income before.
How do I apply for student loan debt cancelation?