Must we apply now for future forgiveness?

I understand there are one or more bills now in Congress to cancel student dept.

Is it necessary to have already applied, in the previous forgiveness cycle, to qualify for a future forgiveness program?

Hi John,

It depends on what kind of student debt you have. For federal student loans that are currently in nonpayment, we’re organizing to ensure Biden cancels that debt before the moratorium ends. Check out our events calendar for more information on how you can get involved in the campaign!

If you have other types of student debt, like private debt, the processes are a bit different. If you’re in this bucket, and you have not already filed a Borrower Defense you should do it. We are seeing students who organized and used this process at ITT and other schools finally have their debts discharged after a long hard fight. But so far the only people who are getting discharged are those who have filed, so it is important to file if you feel you might qualify. Here’s more information about that process: Federal Student Aid and Borrower Defense FAQ | Predatory Student Lending