MOHELA Limbo: Anyone Else Here?

So my consolidated federal loans were under PHEAA since 2013. I paid minimum and more some years on my loans up until 2019-ish.

They send notice saying that this summer they will be transferred to MOHELA. I was told that the transfer will be complete before July ends. I never got confirmation it was complete and on the FEDLOAN site (old servicer) my loans are gone (shows $0).

I have not tried to make an account yet on MOHELA until I get the email that they have completed transfer. The site looks horrible by the way, complete with a blurry low quality logo.

Anyone else experiencing this?
Or made an account and saw their loans despite no confirmation?

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FedLoan had an electronic letter stating I’d transfer to MOHELA after 7/21/22 and MOHELA said the transfer would be complete 8/6/22. I was in limbo for 2 weeks with $0 loan amounts on both accounts.

Try calling MOHELA because their system reported that the transfer would happen with a date. Transfers are done in batches. I was able to create an online account while in limbo. Only able to create an app on my phone after the transfer was complete. Good luck! The calls get picked up within 5 minutes for FedLoan, MOHELA, and AidVantage (they are the consolidation services for MOHELA). should also state who your new servicer will be.

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There is confusion- it is not just you! Concern today is how best to proceed in August and not be overwhelmed with payment amounts. Navient did not send information that Aidvantage was new servicer. Aidvantage did not send information that Mohela was servicer after consolidation was completed. Consolidation in this case in order to comply with PSLF application. Mohela phone agent said PSLF not yet processed but could not be certain. Some advice says to keep calling, see if or fedloan has current info. & don’t do anything extreme at present; confirm payments are ‘paused’, interest is 0?

My loans were moved to MOHELA a few years back. I have found them to be easy to work with. I’d suggest calling MOHELA customer service to see if they have your loans on file and if they can send you a confirmation.

I just got notified my credit tanked due to my loan transfer and MOHELA said they have nothing to do with credit score effect. I’ve been working so hard to rebuild my credit and this useless company has utterly screwed me. I’ve never had these issues with fedloan servicing…I’m at a loss of what to do.