Massachusetts group?

Hi folks! I’m wondering if the MA group is still active? It looks like the instagram page in the handbook associated with the MA group has been deleted. If anyone has any info about a chapter in MA please let me know! :sunny:

I’m in MA. I’d be interested in getting more traction around a Debt Collective in our Commonwealth in order to take land off the speculative market. What’s got you interested in debt solidarity?


Great! I heard there is a Western MA faction but I’m not sure how to get in touch with them. I have personal history with debt after my family lost their home (forclosure) during the last economic crisis over a decade ago, and then later with student loans. I’ve been involved with advocacy around student loan cancellation for the last 9 years – how about you?

I also am not in touch with a specific Debt Collective organizing committee here in MA - but I am a River Valley DSA member as well as part of the Franklin County Community Land Trust FCCLT. So I’ve been interested in finding ways that a debt collective could allow people with active mortgages to join the CLT (by donating their property off the speculative market) and then the debt collective is the vehicle for preventing the bank from taking the land back onto the private speculative market. But our DSA chapter does have a sizeable college student contingent and loan cancellation is something many care about.