Mass denials - news reports

Hey everyone,
I see all the denial posts, even I had posted one. I haven’t seen any news posts regarding this. Has anyone reached out to any news sources or affiliates to get the word out regarding these mass denials with blanket reasons.

I’ve sent an email to Stacy Cowley of NY Times after reading her piece on ED regarding these delays in processing. Has anyone else reached out? Any success?

Hi. I have posted a review on and they reached out to me for a video interview, which I may do. I have also reached out to Buzzfeed, via Twitter, but got no response.
I received a denial within 2 months of applying…

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I’m wondering if we should be talking to our AG’s? Our congress/senate reps about these blanket denials also?

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Stacy provided me with her most recent post as this has been happening since july.

@Mvmkoster - I really don’t think it would hurt to contact them. Especially the 19 AG’s and the District of Columbia involved in suing Betsy DeVos/the DoE in particular.