Looking to connect with DC metro local chapter

Hello fellow debt strikers and would-be strikers,

My name is Pietro, and I’m looking to connect with the local DC chapter as well as anyone else in the DC metro area. I didn’t see anything in the Chapters section on DC. Do we have an active chapter going? Lemme know! Would love to help out :slight_smile: :grinning:


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Hey Pietro! @peachy.peaches

We actually do have some folks starting a local DC chapter in the Washington DC area. @wes_vanderburgh, @weaverfever and @dohar001 are all involved, one of them should be in touch soon! If you don’t hear from them, email me at winter@debtcollective.org and I’ll put you in touch over email.


Hi @peachy.peaches, feel free to email me at danteohara@gmail.com to get plugged in!

Pietro, if you are looking for a chapter meeting, we’d love to have you at our Bay Area Zoom Headquarters on Wednesday nights at 6pm. Contact me at lavishpraise@gmail.com if you want more info.

Hello @dohar001,

I am a newcomer hoping to get plugged into the DC area chapter. How do I do that?


Hi Ampson,

Please email Hope Lloyd at: hope.lloyd91@gmail.com



Hi im Jessi! Looking to meet with anyone in the VA /DC chapters! Ive worked witj debt collective previously. Looking to get more involved!


Hi Jessi! Glad to hear it! My name is Hope and I’m helping to organize our DC Chapter rn, shoot me an email me at hope.lloyd91@gmail.com and let’s connect!