Looking for Stories on Podcast - I have 2 types of people I am looking for:

I am looking for 2 specific student debt stories right now for my student loan podcast.

  1. Person who got student loan forgiveness.
  2. Person who fought their student loan provider and won something.

Please Comment below if you or someone you know has done this and is willing to be on a podcast about their experience.

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Hi there! Do you still need stories? I have over $100K in student loan debt, would be happy to share my story if that’s still needed!

Hi! I am looking for the 2 types of stories right now. I will put you on my list for potential future interviews after I find those stories. Thank you :heart:

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@Thomas_Gokey @Dawn_L

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I bet Nathan would be interested. @Dawn_L since we agreed to talk to him and some other people for the early Feb “town hall” zoom maybe we could ask him about this too?

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Hi… you might want to reach out to the debtor in this case, who had all of his $220K+ student loans forgiven by the Chief US Bankruptcy Judge in New York:

This decision is a potentially huge game changer in the student debt bankruptcy law, which the judge details in her analysis.

There are also articles written about his case if you Google “kevin jared rosenberg v ny state higher education”. I don’t know him, but he might be interested in talking with you.

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@larockj thank you for the lead!