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Hello. My name is Allison. I attended the Art Institutes in MN from '04-'07 and have a bachelor of fine art degree in photography. My private student loan lender is currently suing me for $163,000 of unpaid debt. I’m in works with a lawyer to prove that EDMC is a fraud and that my loan was taken out under a fraudulent contract making it void. Does anyone know if crowdfunding for something like this would work? (I can’t really afford the $4,000+ that he will charge just to start my case.)
My lawyer said that if I win, this could help others that attended AI all over the U.S. in proving fraudulent lending.

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I have 186k in private & federal debt from Ai San Francisco and Ai Phoenix who forced me to redo a whole year worth of classes because Ai SF wasn’t CIDA accredited (interior design accreditation), they wrote on paper that I would make 55-65k per year when I graduated, then they crumpled it up and threw it away - I would have pulled that out of trash for proof/ records had known that I was being hustled - I was 19, what did I know? I made 30k after graduating, not 55-65k. 10 years later the debt has ballooned. I am saving to afford to litigate, I know what happened to me was predatory, and the hardship it has caused effects all aspects of my life.
It needs to be said: Financial “Advisors” are loan brokers, they don’t care if you can pay or not, they are there to sell and sell only. It’s wrong to take advantage of naive kids - our government not only allows this they encourage it, reform has to come from The DOE and out across the private sector, when it comes to kids and a whole human being’s livlyhood - the government should consider it illegal to prey upon the ignorant and uneducated.
The debt is a form of slavery, until it ends slavery still exists in America.