Looking for direction/ options here

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I don’t know what my options are at the moment.
1st) my loans defaulted with Sallie Mae, then they got picked up by Navient.
2nd) no longer in default, I am on an IBR but because my income is so little, it is currently at $0.00 and has been for over a year, if I recall.
3rd) my mother had to take out additional student loans in her name while I was a student. Which are currently in default. She was never a student of NEIA and they have started harassing her at work and calling other family members.
4th) she is now in her 60s but can’t retire because of these loans. I really need to get these discharged for both of our sake, but mostly for hers. She shouldn’t have to bear this responsibility.

Unfortunately, my mother was a cosigner for my loan as well, which I shamefully admit. I filed BDR since my school was for-profit and closed. Was your school for profit? If so, file for BDR, that’s the only solution at this point for many unfortunately.

Hi there,
Are you familiar with Borrower Defense (a.k.a Defense to Repayment)

If this is something you think is fitting. File a dispute. YOu and your mother can dispute your debts.

Check back if you need help once you read through the information.

We are all here mainly because we know ALL STUDENT DEBT IS PREDATORY. and as you can see on the platform we are fighting to abolish all $1.6 Trillion in student debt and WIN college for all.

You can find more information through out the community page. I would suggest you look up your state, your district and start posting to see who is in your area and get connected.


Thank you, I will look into it. Yes they were For Profit (Ai New England) and they did close. I gotta get through tax season first, but will definitely be coming back to this.

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I’m currently in good standing on my loans never defaulted, but I finished my Masters in 2015 to try and make a better life for my family of 5. Well I worked at Psych hospital and received a head injury from a patient which left me with a partial disability and 80 thousand in debt. My Husband is an Iron worker who does ok when there is work, I work full time was on light duty for 2 years and went back while looking to get out I received a second head injury which messed my cognitive, and balance up. So now I have a permanent restriction from psych and after 2 and half years at different hospital and job I will never be able to use that degree. I have had to juggle my loans in forbearance and interest raking up because I just can’t pay them and don’t understand how to get them reduced. I have tried but with 2 head injuries don’t get it and always mess it up. Know they have come due this month, my husband has been laid off for 3 weeks and I’m working 6 days a week to keep our head above water. I don’t want bad credit and not sure where to go or what to do. Think about death alot but would never do it because my kids, but I feel like a slave to these loans that i have never made enough to even payback even with my bachelors. Its ridiculous any advice.

Have you called your servicer to ask them what options they can offer you? Can you use a forbearance?