Looking for direction/ options here

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I don’t know what my options are at the moment.
1st) my loans defaulted with Sallie Mae, then they got picked up by Navient.
2nd) no longer in default, I am on an IBR but because my income is so little, it is currently at $0.00 and has been for over a year, if I recall.
3rd) my mother had to take out additional student loans in her name while I was a student. Which are currently in default. She was never a student of NEIA and they have started harassing her at work and calling other family members.
4th) she is now in her 60s but can’t retire because of these loans. I really need to get these discharged for both of our sake, but mostly for hers. She shouldn’t have to bear this responsibility.

Unfortunately, my mother was a cosigner for my loan as well, which I shamefully admit. I filed BDR since my school was for-profit and closed. Was your school for profit? If so, file for BDR, that’s the only solution at this point for many unfortunately.