Legal question?

I apparently have a collections agency that has placed medical debt on my credit report. I do not ever remember bill for the underlying claim and the collector has never contacted me. They have had my account for 2years with no contact. Don’t they have 30 days to contact me when they get a loan? WHat can I do here? Just follow the dispute. Process?

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I’m new to Debt Collective so I can’t speak to your questions about the dispute process here, but it sure does sound odd, especially when you don’t recall the underlying claim. If there is any documentation provided for that claim on your credit report like reference numbers or provider ID (does the agency have to put that in their entry?), you could do a search to see if anything comes up on them, like Medicare fraud cases or anything.

You might also check with your state attorney general about when the agency should have contacted you, They may also have an open investigation or have other information they could share with you, and advise you on filing a case, whether or not you take it .

More seasoned members might be able to offer more specific advice about the best way to pursue the Debt Collective’s recommended dispute process. Also, always take a noobie’s advice with a shaker of salt!

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@Slatersli I would recommend you use the General Dispute tool.

The letter demands that they prove they can legally collect on this debt. And it requires that they send you any relative documentation to prove this.

It is common that in some cases there has to be more than 1 dispute letter sent. So after 30-45 days you can let us know if you need us to draft a 2nd dispute for you.

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