Landscape Architecture Group

As an mid life career change student, I chose Landscape Architecture for the art, plants, construction, jobs and licensure. However, I found (and spoke with other older adults) who were left behind while younger classmates got the jobs.

Which leaves us out of licensure.

Would anyone like to start organizing about this issue in Florida? In any other state?

Would any other architecture students which gross debt like to join?

This field was not exactly honest about the debt for this profession.

Many thanks, and holiday cheers,
Tricia Keffer

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Hang in there. I went back to grad school for a year at UVa to write a book. I wrote a proposal which was accepted. I showed up at age 45 and already had a license and published work and the guy who agreed to work with me decided he no longer was interested in the project. I had rented an apt and spent the first week of the semester wondering whether or not to stay. It was a complete waste of time. The author I wanted to work was convinced he had the last word on my topic. So there was no point in my writing about it. Why did he accept the proposal? I borrowed $50k for the two semesters. Do I need the degree? I already had a professional degree. No. I would give it back and keep the $50k. Anyone else in this situation? My guess is that even though there was a breach of contract, a judge would say “The university determines the course of study for your degree so you have no case.” Any opinions?

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Happy Holidays,
Thank you for the reply. At the moment, the Florida statues are (allegedly ) age discrimination for landscape architecture and maybe others too?

I am working on rally people who are willing to speak up in Florida about the conundrum in the statues.

I would respond to the judge that even if I willing bought “snake oil”. It’s still fraud and false advertising to not deliver results promised. I loved the webinar from the debt collective about “standing”. If money is involved, as an lay person, there is standing.

I am so happy that people are finding and reading my comment. Best of luck to all of us and happy holiday week,


Does Florida have licensure for landscape architecture? Here in Illinois, it is a title act so a civil engineer has to sign off on everything. So if it’s a license, then is there an internship period before the exam?

Yes, landscape architecture has now (made lots of campaign contributions) to achieve statutes in all 50 states. It’s extremely inconsistent on experience and what they can do. I thought we could do more… but it’s really not much. They can not (will not) provide any evidence or justification for it. whew… It’s long story - 5 years at this point. Deep breaths, I am really worked up about it at this point. I could write an essay of the (I did write an 8 page essay) about the problems with this “profession”.

The whole internship thing is just red lining. Dr. Reich has the data for it. It baloney. It keeps people out who can’t afford to work for slave wages or free.

The bottom line is that I can not offer some services because if they deny me employment - I can not and will never get a license. They have restricted it in Florida to ONLY RLA. They denied at the meeting (the board member lied about a remote job offer on the video) that an architect’s or any other supervision was sub par to their intelligence. Really? I guess they are so oblivious to the fact that every single design professional out there has nothing good to say about them.

They need to offer a reasonable variance. They have ( my words) defrauded students with promises in public about jobs everywhere.

whew, deep breaths… :wink: