Know Your Rights Training

Hey! I work at a consumer rights organization and offer a free Know Your Rights training about the debt collection process (regulations, the process, court action, etc) and am happy to share with anyone who’s interested.

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Hi @AKPIRG, which consumer rights org are you with? Are you in AK? I used to live in Anchorage.


That’s amazing! I’m in Anchorage now, working with the Alaska Public Interest Research Group (AKPIRG). We’ve been doing trainings for the past few years.

What were you up to in Anchorage?

I was at the Anchorage Museum for a couple of years working, living, trying to do what I could to help with debt resistance work.

You may find this resource helpful: Know Your Debt

We also have a Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual:

Woah, these are amazing resources. Would it be okay to share them on AKPIRG’s page?

Thanks for sharing, Thomas!

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Yes of course! The more people who can use them the better!