Join the art, design and graphics group!

Hello Everyone!

Here is the community space we will be utilizing to organize all things art, design and graphics for the Debt Collective!

Do you have talent in art, design or other creative ways for us to get our message out? Join our art and design working group to work on our branding, materials & leaflets, materials, chants & so much more!


You can reach our group coordinator: @Jennifer_Lezan by emailing her at: โ€“ we would love to have anyone interested in art, design, illustration, graphic design, branding, etc to work alongside us as we continue to build the visual identity for DC and The Biden Jubilee 100!

Iโ€™m in! Here are my resumes. Design and stone carving.

MDL DC Art RESUME.pdf (779.1 KB) Mykael David Lazzeri MTA 2020.pdf (705.3 KB)


Hi there! We have an art and design work group meeting tomorrow Friday April 9th at 1PM CST! Please join if you are interested in working with us: DC A+D Workgroup Meeting
Friday, April 9 ยท 1:00 โ€“ 2:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: